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Numerous individuals strive for a home that’s both safe and appealing but frequently fail to recognize the significant impact that windows and doors have in realizing this goal. From tackling energy inefficiency and resolving functional issues to boosting your home’s visual appeal, Open Box Roofing is ready to help. As Zionsville’s premier experts in windows and doors, we encourage you to find out why we are the preferred option!

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Hear from our happy customers!

joel review photo
Joel Newman

"The OpenBox Roofing team is outstanding. Always responsive and professional. They replaced our roof, skylight, and windows after having hail damage. We’ve worked with them on two homes so far and highly recommend them!"

dalton review photo
Dalton Rosemeyer

"Being a young adult buying your first house and needing a roof and all new decking as well, let’s just say that’s not really in the plan financially. OpenBox roofing was the ONLY roofing company that actually got in the attic to see why my roof was having the issues it was. If I even…

zachary review photo
Zachary Ochoa

"I could not be more grateful for Openbox Roofing. My home needed a lot of work due to deferred maintenance. They've given me a new roof, new siding, and even some gutter work. OpenBox never tried to upsell me, seemed genuinely interested in making sure I wasn't wasting money, and only did work that I…

Jeff review photo
Jeff Torri

"OpenBox did a great job throughout the process. The job started and finished on-time, and they worked with us to accommodate our schedule. The property was prepped to protect landscaping and windows. The crew did a great job and cleanup was thorough. Finally, OpenBox worked with our insurance to ensure we received the recoverable depreciation…

Travis roofing review profile photo
Travis Polen

"Very professional! The crew was here first thing in the morning and finished by the end of the day! They did a great job protecting my home with their catch all system. I was very impressed about how clean they left everything, I couldn’t find a stray nail anywhere!"

Mary review profile photo
Mary Hendricks

"Tom and his crew were incredible! They were very timely in helping me get a new roof installed. Very professional and excellent craftsmanship! Very impressed with precautions that were taken to protect my home and landscaping. Crew worked diligently to clean up and looked like they were never there!"

The Importance of Updates

Our windows and doors are in constant use, but their upkeep is often overlooked. Neglecting their maintenance can lead to problems such as higher air leakage and reduced security. Open Box makes home maintenance easy by offering premier window and door replacement services, using certified products to enhance your home’s energy efficiency in a cost-effective manner.

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Our Proven Process

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    Step 1: Schedule Appointment

    Call or fill out an online form, and we’ll help you schedule a convenient appointment that fits your schedule.

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    Step 2: Thorough Inspection

    Your dedicated project manager will meet with you on time, gather information to best understand your needs & perform a detailed 360 degree inspection.

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    Step 3: Onsite Consultation

    With an educational focus and consultative approach we’ll discuss solutions, product options & design based on our findings and your needs.

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    Step 4: Price Guarantee

    You’ll receive a detailed, honest quote tailored to your home’s needs. We don’t cut corners and work only moves forward with your approval!

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“With over 20 years of roofing experience, we’re able to deliver a quality service that most roofing companies can’t. Book your inspection today!”

Tom sovich // Owner + CEO

4 Signs That You Need New Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are essential for shielding us from outside elements, providing comfort and security within our homes. However, they are not designed to last indefinitely and will eventually require replacement. Here are four unmistakable indicators that it’s time to update these key components of your house:

1) Drafts and Increasing Energy Bills:

Feeling drafts near your windows and doors indicates poor insulation. This inefficiency compromises your comfort and leads to increased energy costs, as your heating or cooling system has to work harder to keep the indoor environment consistent. Investing in energy-efficient improvements can significantly reduce energy consumption and save money.

2) Observable Damage:

Physical damage indicators like cracks, rot, or warping not only spoil your home’s appearance but also its safety. Such damages may allow moisture to seep in, encouraging the growth of mold and mildew. Replacing windows and doors enhances your home’s aesthetic appeal while also strengthening its security and longevity.

3) Operational Challenges:

If you find it hard to open or close windows and doors, it’s a sign they’re no longer serving their purpose well. Issues like sticking, jamming, or squeaking indicate their condition is deteriorating, which could lead to more significant problems. Opting for modern, user-friendly alternatives can significantly improve your home’s functionality and security.

4) Intrusive Noise:

If external noise is easily penetrating your home, it may be time to consider windows and doors with better sound insulation. Upgrades designed to dampen sound can transform your living space into a serene retreat, free from the disruption of outside noise.

Zionsville's Top Pick for Exterior Home Services

Open Box Roofing provides a wide array of services, including window and door installations, roofing, and siding, all aimed at ensuring your home remains in top condition. Our signature is the exceptional customer service we provide, making us the preferred option for homeowners in Zionsville repeatedly. Become a part of the Open Box family today and discover how we can improve your home ownership experience.

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