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Do I need to pay for the roof visualizer?

No, the Owens Corning shingle visualizer is free!

What if I want to see the shingles in person?

Call or fill out the form online and we will set you up with a project manager to bring the samples to your door with a complimentary inspection.

Why should I work with OpenBox Roofing?

We take an authentic, educational approach and provide reliable communication at every step. Plus, our industry experience ensures long-lasting results. You’ll never feel pressured into a situation you’re not comfortable with. We are also licensed, bonded and insured for your protection.

What’s included in my consultation?

We’ll arrive on time and perform a thorough roof and attic (or siding) inspection. We’ll take photos of any damage and create a detailed written report. Then, we’ll explain what we found, walk you through our suggestions, and provide a solid price that covers everything. You get to make an informed decision with no obligation.
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